3 Simple Rules to Delivering Awesome Content

Content is King!  Content Rules!  Killer Web Content!  For some time now, we’ve been hearing how the key to success is supplying awesome content for our prospects and customers.  A multitude of books, blogs, articles, etc., written on how to deliver exceptional content, and providing content in any number of formats, but what is exceptional content?

Simple and Concise Makes Great Online Content

I’ve read a number of these books and listened to many experts talk on the subject, and I think these are the rules to live by.  Here are three simple concepts to help you produce great content, no matter how you plan to deliver it:

1. Provide Information Your Audience Actually Wants.  But how do you know what they want?  It’s now easier than ever to find out what kinds of information your prospects want.  You can poll your audience using social media tools.  And simply look for trends in the questions that your clients and prospects ask you in face-to-face conversation.  Then provide answers to those questions.  But it’s quality, not quantity.

2. Commercial free content.  Providing content with no sales message or offer actually demonstrates that you’re more concerned about giving your readers the information to make great decisions.

3. Content that’s easy to read, with bullets, bolding, and white space.   Content written in a simple, clear and concise manner will get read.  Because we’re being bombarded with messages, it needs to be brief and to the point and use some simple formatting like numbers, bullets, and bolding.  And don’t forget the white space.  If it looks like a long read, we won’t take the time.

These three ideas will drive people to want to read what you have to say and help you build trust and credibility at the same time.  And that’s what will drive them to want to buy from you.

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