3 Things Necessary to Produce Advertising Results

Reach Your Specific Ideal Client

The world of marketing has changed significantly over the last number of years as we’re more and more selective about the messages we’re exposed to.  Because we now have the ability to tune out a good deal of the messaging we’re exposed to, we see a shift from outbound to inbound marketing efforts, and advertising as a form of lead generation has lost a good deal of its attractiveness.

Despite the fact that email marketing is relatively low cost, Facebook pages are free, Twitter as an outreach tool is free, and advertising costs money.  Because of the invoice that comes along with advertising, and the fact that most don’t know how to get results, people tend to discount its impact.

To produce results with advertising today, you must:

1. Be extremely focused on a specific ideal client.  I always ask business owners about their experience using advertising for lead generation.  And, in many cases, they respond back to me saying advertising doesn’t work.  And usually their ads haven’t produced results because they weren’t targeted at a specific client.  Business owners frequently get caught up with image advertising that the big brands do and that just doesn’t work for small businesses.

2. Use valuable content along with a call to action to create awareness.  Part of our job as marketers is to make your prospects better consumers of your industry and that’s where the value of content comes in.  Valuable and educational content is what helps create trust among your prospects.

3. Diligently measure leads and conversion rates.  If you’re not measuring leads and conversion rates for your existing lead generation activities, how do you make better decisions as to where to spend time and budget?  In order to defend your marketing budget and improve your results, it’s more and more important to establish and track metrics and conversion rates.

Following these three rules for advertising success is necessary for survival.  And with the trend moving away from mass media advertising and more targeted advertising in new media, I think you’ll find better opportunities to reach your specific ideal client.  New media also allows for improved opportunities to measure and track results.  Based on the details above, how will you change the way you advertise?

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