3 Things We Can Learn From the Chief Underpants Officer

“The brand is the amusement park, the product is the souvenir.” Nick Graham, CEO of Fresh Happy People and Founder/ Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer

The brand is the amusement park, the product is the souvenir.

I love these words from Nick Graham, founder of Fresh Happy People and Founder/Chief Underpants Officer of Joe Boxer.  This is the thinking of someone who understands the importance of a client experience.   Graham’s words deliver what might just be the easiest way for other business owners to think about creating their own brand experience.

Think about how your brand creates what someone gets from an amusement park.  How do you create that giddy anticipation you get from planning a trip to an amusement park?  What aromas might fill the air to represent your business?  Is there a way to build a fond memory into your customer experience for days to come?

Our friend at the helm of the underwear company also teaches us to use words in our business that inherently produce a smile and a chuckle, and who doesn’t want that?  Fresh Happy People and Chief Underpants Officer—who doesn’t want to work there and who doesn’t want to shop there?

And with that name and title, you know his company offers a level of thinking that is refreshingly different.  They managed to innovate in a category of clothing that we used to cover up into something we now want to show off.  If your title alone can strike up a conversation, you’ve got something to play around with.

How can you use that kind of thinking in your business?

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