3 Ways to “Think Bigger”

How are you Thinking Bigger?

As many of you know, I’ve just returned from the annual Duct Tape Marketing Consultant conference in Kansas City, MO.  The theme of this year’s conference and for 2012 is “Think Bigger”.  And I think that’s a really great theme for me to bring out to you as well.

We are well into the 4th quarter of 2011 and this is planning season for 2012.  Now’s the time to think about how you want to shake things up in your business or tackle a new opportunity in the coming year.  In thinking about what big things you might take on in your business, it’s important to also think about how you can break that one big thing down in to many, more manageable smaller tasks.  And that requires planning.

As you set out to Think Bigger and put some goals down on paper, I think you’ll also need to get yourself into the right mindset.  So here are three thoughts to help move your mindset to a place where it can help you.

1. Get a bigger vision.  Most of us think too small and it really holds us back in terms of progress.  Put some numbers around the goals you want to achieve.  Without numbers, you have no way to evaluate your progress and how much further you have to go.

2. Build bigger habits.  If you want to think bigger, you need to build bigger habits that map to your vision.  You know I’m always going to talk about habits related to marketing and building a marketing routine but I would also encourage you to think about the habits that might be required in the rest of your business.  Like creating process around the routine items that happen with every client.

3. Build bigger relationships.  In order to help us attain that bigger vision, we will need some bigger relationships.  Bigger relationships are about building deeper relationships with those people that have the power and vision to help us connect with someone that  can help realize our vision.

Thinking bigger is a mind set and it’s a shift we need to make.  Putting some objectives and spending some time planning is what will help you think bigger and that’s the place to start.

And it might also require using a business coach, a mentor or an accountability partner to coach you through the task and keep you on track to deliver against that task.  People who have had successful businesses and experience some success, typically use coaches to motivate them and to maintain focus.  As a small business owner, I know how challenging it can be to maintain that focus, as it’s easy to get off task quickly and become disenchanted with your progress or lack thereof.

If this is something that happens to you, I would encourage you to create a level of accountability that can help you to think bigger and help you to achieve those bigger dreams for your business.

How are you Thinking Bigger?

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