3 Ways to Create Powerful Video Messages with MailVu

Mailvu is a tool that I’ve been using and talking about for awhile now.  It allows you to create personal video messages, record them, and send them just like an email.  Because we are all so used to email, it’s a nice alternative to email communications which can become a little impersonal and ho-hum.

3 Powerful Ways to Use MailVu Video Messaging
With MailVu, anyone can create powerful video messages.

While the tool itself is relatively easy to use and comes with simple instructions, there are 3 keys ways to really use this tool to set yourself apart from the competition and create a client experience that people will talk about.

1. Simple personal message replacing email.  This is the most obvious use of the tool–simply creating a video message you would have otherwise sent in the form of a written email.  But the added touch of video shows that you went a step further to personalize the experience.  This is the kind of thing that makes you and your business memorable and creates a client experience that can add an element of differentiation.  You can use a video message in place of a follow-up email after meeting at a networking event or in place of a Thank You card.

2. Record a video welcome message to onboard new clients.  There’s nothing more personal than a private video message to initiate a new client to your business.  It’s a great way to initiate the client into your business and help to reconfirm that they made the right decision by choosing to work with you.  Setting the stage for a client experience they’ll remember is important and you can start that with a new client kit and include a welcome message with MailVu.  Adding in regular video messages throughout the engagement will also help to remind and reinforce the experience you deliver.

3.  Use MailVu to collect video testimonials.  Generally speaking, your best clients are more than happy to help you by providing a testimonial.  Unfortunately, setting up a video shoot to record that testimonial or even getting them to sit down and write it, can be difficult and time consuming.  MailVu gives you great flexibility to have them do it at their convenience.  MailVu allows you to send a link with a video capture tool so your clients with a web cam can record a video testimonial or story.  With a little editing, these can become very powerful tools.

MailVu is one of my favorite tools because it takes a more advanced concept like video and makes it easy to deliver quality messages that can absolutely make a difference.  What’s your favorite use for MailVu?

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