4 Reasons Why You Should Be Speaking For Your Business

Provide educational information to build trust.

In the Duct Tape Marketing system, we talk about ‘Speaking For Leads.’   This is really just getting yourself out there in front of people and conveying what you know in a live format to help you build know, like, and trust.

Many professional and community organizations have guest speakers at their regular meetings.  As a business owner, you can take this opportunity to educate people about your industry.  The idea is to avoid the sales pitch and simply present valuable information to make your audience better consumers in your industry.

There are 4 key benefits of speaking in front of some of these community and professional organizations:

1. It puts you in front of more prospects.  If an organization is looking for someone to speak, it’s obviously a topic that’s of interest to a good portion of the group.  If the topic is of interest, it’s a great way for you to meet prospects that may buy what you have to offer.

2. The more you speak, the more of an expert you become.  True experts both speak and write about their industry and that’s how they become known as experts.  Speaking engagements typically offer a question and answer session as well, so it also allows you to convey expert opinions as well.  Over time, you’ll develop your own key phrases and concepts that become signature for you.

3. It builds your confidence.  When you first start, you may feel a little shaky, but over time, you’ll develop your confidence as you’ll start to understand the ideas that are most important to audiences and prospects.

4. It improves your skills as a presenter.  With practice, comes expertise.  Effective presenters are able to deliver their message with humor and storytelling and almost become a form of entertainment.

Speaking is a great opportunity to help you build and grow your business.  But be respectful of the organization and pass on the sales pitch opportunity.  You’ll be perceived to be a true professional move yourself further along the know, like and trust path.

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