4 Simple Ways to Repurpose Your Content

What ways can you repurpose your content?

Publishing valuable and useful content is what can set you apart from your competition.  But creating great content is challenging and it’s a tremendous amount of work.  However, if you put some thought to the content, plan it out, and strategically work at re-purposing your content, you’ll find so much more business value in what you’re creating.

But let’s be clear – repurposing content isn’t just posting the same content on all of your tools or channels.  Exact duplication will turn people off quickly and they’ll know they really only have to follow you on one of your networks.  Repurposing is about giving your community a new way of understanding the issue and a different way of interacting with the information.

Let’s say you’ve already created a really hot list of steps or tips (e.g., Top 7 Steps…) Think about the ways you can repurpose that content.

1. Expand on the steps with detailed instructions.  If you provide the information people need to know at each step, this piece becomes significantly more meaningful content and so the piece then becomes an article.  You can then submit this piece to a number of online article marketing websites which then helps you further establish your credibility as a subject matter expert to improve your own visibility.

2. Turn the article into slides.  You can create slides that map the information into a presentation using a PowerPoint and you can share that on Slideshare.  You can then narrate the slides and record the details with a screen cast program to create a video.

3. Just record this hot list of tips as you talk into the camera.  Simple way to make a video quickly.

4. Use all of the tips individually as a status update for Twitter or Facebook.  This easily creates content for sharing.

The biggest reason for repurposing your content and sharing it in different ways is because that it allows you to further your position of authority to become a thought leader in your industry.

What other repurposing techniques have you used?

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