4 Steps to Writing Effective Case Studies for Your Business

When I work with clients on developing marketing materials, I always talk about the value of adding case studies.  Case studies allow your prospective client the opportunity to identify themselves with the situation you’ve described.  They can then picture themselves getting the results they desire.  Case studies are the perfect way to demonstrate how your product or service delivers results.

I encourage my clients to use a very simple case study format.  There are four simple sections for your case study template:  situation, problem, solution and result.

1.  Define the client and situation:  Telecom consultant with limited opportunity in a down-market

2.  Define the problem:  No real focus on a target market, couldn’t compete with larger consulting companies

3.  Solution Offered:  Research markets, interviewed past clients, created a marketing plan that called for     communicating how she differs from the competition

4.  Results achieved from working with you:  2 new projects within 2 months

By the way, these are the details of a real life client.

Case studies can be written for each market segment that you and your business cater to so you might have 3 or 4 for each segment .   The key is to keep the write-up simple, to the point and not exceeding one page.

How have case studies helped your business?

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