4 Tips for Better Blogging Topics

I’m always telling my clients and readers that they need to be writing—whether it be a blog or articles for e-zines, writing and commenting on other’s articles is the best way to become known as an expert in your industry and create some credibility for yourself.   But then you ask me “what should I write about?”

Here are 4 ideas to use in coming up with writing topics.

1. Write about whatever your customers are asking you about.

Think about the most common questions you get asked by clients and prospects and write responses to those questions.  The advantage here is that you already know your audience has an interest in the topic.  And this bodes well for educating prospects rather than selling.  The questions that come from clients and prospects are endless so this should keep you coming up with new writing ideas for some time to come.

2. Write about whatever you learned at the recent industry conference you attended.

Prospects are always interested learning about in the latest trend in your industry.  For example, if you’re in home interiors, you could discuss the latest products in floor coverings or countertops, or even paint techniques.

3. Write a response to an industry article you just read.

You should always be reading other’s blogs and articles as well.  Pick one you particularly like (or don’t like) and write a response to the opinion offered.  Whether you agree or disagree, it’s easy enough to write some comments that you can use for a blog post.

4. Provide a list of tips for shopping for someone in your industry.

This is one of the easiest ways to develop trust with a prospect.  If you provide a list of tips telling prospects what they should be looking for, you’ve already proven that you’re interested in helping them and educating them about your industry.

These suggestions should keep you writing interesting articles for some time.  But also remember that reading is equally important.  Reading and writing comments on what your fellow industry experts are writing about are the keys to developing yourself as an expert and to delivering rich and appealing content.

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