5 Lessons I’ve Learned Using Social Media

This week, I’ll be speaking with a colleague of mine about using Social Media to market your business.  Because this event includes providing some tips and tools, I decided I’d write a post about the Social Media lesions I’ve learned so far.    

1. We live in an Interactive Economy.  I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s even more evident when you think about the Social Media tools that you’re using.  And, to get any benefit out of social media, you need to be active on-line and interactive with others that are also out there.  People are looking for reviews, comments about your experiences, and tools that you’ve used.

2. Get to know the on-line influencers in your niche.  Knowing who these people are and what they are saying is key.  This allows you to interact with them, comment on what they’re writing about, and improve your level of credibility on-line.  Also, if you know what the on-line influencers are talking about, this will ensure you stay on top of what’s hot in your industry.

3. Use Twitter to search, engage, and provide value.  Advanced searches on Twitter allow you to hear what kinds of questions prospects in your industry are asking.  Then you can engage by providing valuable answers.

4. Social Media is like exercise—doing a little, consistently every day is much better than a marathon session once a week.  As I mature, I’m beginning to think this is true of all things.  Regular engagement sets the expectation with your followers that you’re always around and on-line.  If you only engage every couple of days, they’re never sure when you’re there, so you’re unpredictable and unreliable, and soon, they’ll forget about you.

5. There’s an easy way to check your Social Media ROI—simply ask every client how they heard about you.  This should give you  a very quick check on what kind of return your getting on your Social Media efforts.

What lessons have you learned?

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