5 Newsworthy Items For Promoting Your Business Online

Spread the news about your business.

There are three forms of lead generation:  advertising, referral marketing, and public relations.  And for most small businesses, advertising and referral marketing feel very natural for businesses to use.  Public relations, however, is a tool many businesses shy away from and it’s generally because they aren’t aware of what they have that is newsworthy.

Just think of everything that you do – it just might be newsworthy.  Here are 5 ideas to help you get started:

1. Your latest accomplishment or award.  If you’ve completed any kind of industry certification or educational program, it’s important to spread the word.  Telling your community about this helps to increase your credibility and build yourself up as a knowledgeable and professional business.  It’s also important to toot your horn about any kind of award because awards come from third parties so it’s not just you acknowledging your greatness.

2. Your event was a smashing success.  It’s important to send out a press release both before and after an event.  The before version let’s people know it’s coming up so they can plan to attend.  And the after version let’s people know what they missed.  The after version is important because you can summarize who attended, the speakers that stood out and the highlight of the event.

3. Announce a charitable contribution.  Your community wants to know what support you’re providing and you want your community to know that you’re an active member and create credibility for the cause that you believe in.  It is also useful at driving business because it can spur on additional positive media coverage and connect your business with the prospects that believe in the same cause.

4. Share new market studies, research, or polls.  I always say that it’s a business’ job to educate your prospects and make them better consumers of information in your industry.  And journalists love stats and surveys as it gives them more valuable content for the stories they’re working on.

5. Debunk a myth or an old tradition in your industry.  There are plenty of myths that relate to every industry and using a press release is a great opportunity to platform to communicate the truth.  And people love to send “told you so” links to their friends.  For example, a wedding planner can talk about new traditions and etiquette for the guest list.

Maybe you just launched a new product or service or you’ve moved—all are worth an online press release.  Press releases are extremely useful for building traffic back to your web site and generating new leads so they should be part of every business’ marketing routine.  Routine and consistency builds momentum, and momentum builds a business.

What else do you think is newsworthy?

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