5 Questions to Ask Yourself As You Write Content for your Website

When I work with a client, more often than not, we go through a process where it’s simply time to update the content on their website.  And for many small business owners, this particular step usually throws them off and they resort to checking out their competition and creating copy cat content for their own web sites.   If you’re looking to fade into the competition, this will certainly help you accomplish that task.

How to Write Web Site Content
Use these questions to write interesting and engaging content for your web site.

The idea really is to figure out how you can stand out among the competition and write content that’s appealing and inviting.  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself as you write content for your website.

1. What problem does your product or service solve? Think about your product or service in terms of the problem it solves for your prospects.  People are after a solution to a problem.

2. Can you provide some evidence as to how you’ve solved this problem for others? If you can clearly demonstrate how you’ve managed to provide a solution to others with the same issue, prospects will see you as an expert in solving that kind of problem.

3. What results or outcomes might a prospect expect when working with you? Write up some case studies that detail the results that you’ve helped other clients achieve.

4. Why do you do what you do? Buyers always like to make a connection with the person they’re buying from.  If they have an understanding as to the reasons why you got into this business in the first place, they’re more likely to make a personal connection with you and want to buy from you.

5. What makes you different from your competition? If you answered something about customer service, think again.  Many businesses say outstanding customer service, but that’s an expectation, it doesn’t make you different.  If you don’t know what makes you different, ask your customers–they’ll tell you.

Writing content for a web site can be challenging.  Use the details above to write compelling and engaging content that will help you emerge as a force to contend with.

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