5 Simple Marketing Resolutions

Now’s the time to make plans or resolutions for the New Year.  Have you put down any plans or goals on paper—for you personally or for your professionally?  Writing them down and making them tangible is the first step.  Here is a list of 5 key marketing resolutions that you may want to think about as we move into the New Year.

Happy New Year from WH & Associates!

1.  Build a routine to market your business.  Think of marketing as a system and build a routine to help yourself create some consistency in marketing your business.  All too often small business owners look at marketing as a ne event rather than something they are doing on an on-going basis.  Schedule regular appointments on your calendar to ensure that you’re working on marketing your business.  And be sure not to cancel them–you wouldn’t cancel an appointment with a potential client, so why are cancelling an appointment to work on marketing your business?

2.  Get better educated about what’s being said about you online.  Create Google alerts to keep on top of what’s being communicated about you, your products and your business online. This is becoming more and more important to address any potential negative comments that might have been made.  I also encourage my clients to create Google alerts on their competitors, the experts in their industry and some general terms that people looking for search on.

3.  Create a marketing calendar.  Think about a theme for each month or quarter of the year and then you do something surrounding that theme.  No doubt this will help you better plan the year out and you’ll know exactly what you need to do ahead of time.  Then your monthly newsletter will follow the theme and you’ll spend less time worrying about what kind of content you need to come up with.

4.  Let your existing customers know you appreciate them.  Send them an email, give them a call, just make a point of contacting them and thanking them for their business.

5.  Send out 5 handwritten notes each month.  This is a simple task that more often than not rekindles a business relationship with a past client and results in additional business or the past client referring you to someone else.

Just pick one of the above and implement and execute.  Number 4 is very simple and anyone can implement this with a minimal amount of time and an extremely limited budget.  Just doing this one thing and being consistent is what counts and produces results. 

Happy New Year to all and best wishes for a healthy and prosperous 2011!

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