5 Simple Tips for More Effective Email Marketing

While many people say the days of email marketing have passed, this is simply not the case.  Businesses may find the results are unpredictable simply because their email practices are unpredictable.  Like marketing in general, effective email marketing requires a level of consistency and setting the expectations to predict when a prospect will receive another message from you is one of the critical keys to success.  Here are 5 simple tips to make your email marketing more effective.

email marketing
Email marketing is still an effective means of marketing.

1. Use permission-based email practices.  Don’t waste your time trying to sell to those that aren’t interested.  If you’ve got their permission, they’re less likely to send you to the SPAM folder and more likely to actually respond to your communications.

2. Be consistent with your emails.  If you only communicate with your audience when you have something new to sell, they’re not likely to be all that receptive to your message.  If you’re doing a newsletter, do it monthly and tell your audience when to expect the newsletter i.e. the 15th of every month.  If you have a bi-weekly note with tips, make sure you send out it out bi-weekly and that it comes out the same day and time each time.

3. Avoid the urge to communicate too frequently.  This is more likely to turn people off and have a negative effect.  I suggest no more than bi-weekly for most small businesses.

4. Track and monitor.  Monitoring your effectiveness can only help you to produce better results in the long run.  Most email services have great monitoring tools now, but you have to look at the numbers and act based on those numbers.  And don’t be afraid to test.  Run A/B tests to see which headline or offer might be more effective.

5. Be persistent.  We all know that people research their purchases very differently and everybody reaches the buying point at different points in time. Continue to engage with them and keep yourself top of mind with industry news, tips and tricks, coupons, special events.  If you do that, when they are ready to buy, you’ll likely be the seller.

The objective of all of your marketing efforts is to build a relationship with your prospects.  With each of your marketing practices, ask yourself if what you’re doing is helping to build trust.  Your list is your goldmine, so mine it wisely.

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