5 Simple Tips to Improving Your Customer Experience

It’s Referral Monday and every Monday, I write a post on getting more referrals.  In order to get more referrals, you really have to be very focused on providing a top-notch customer experience.  You have to want your existing client base to love the experience so much that they tell others and tell others often.

Create a memorable experience that customers will share with others.

1. Are you easy to communicate with?  Do you give clients and prospects a number of ways to get in touch with you.  For example, via phone or voicemail, email, the Contact Us page on your website or even more advanced features like click to call or click to chat?

2. Is it clear who you help?  Do your marketing materials clearly state your target market and the type of clients you work with?  The best way to avoid attracting non-ideal clients is by being very specific in your marketing materials as to the types of clients you help.  Those who are not your ideal clients typically end up having a less than ideal experience working with you and that’s not good for you or the client.

3. Are you easy to trust?  Do you keep your promises and do your respond to messages quickly?  Do you follow-up when you say you will?  If you’re borrowing trust from a referral source, you want to make sure you continue to make that referral source look good.

4. Do you make the buying process simple?  What happens when someone transitions from prospect to buyer?  Do you provide a new customer kit to let them know what happens next?  What’s the delivery process like or the execution or implementation?  In order to attract more referrals, you want the buying process to be systematic so your existing clients who refer you are setting an expectation that you can fulfill every time.  If that’s not the case, you end up having a referral source talk about how great you are thereby setting an expectation, and the danger that you, then, may disappoint.

5. Are you easy to work with?  Is it an engaging experience where the client feels like they’re getting the utmost attention?  Is the experience focused on delivering a set of expected results and are you measuring to ensure those results are produced?

Providing a quality memorable customer experience is necessary to produce referral business.  Create a system or process and document it so you can deliver it again and again and enhance it over time.  What other actions can you take to enhance your customer experience?

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