5 Simple Ways to Write Content to Build Trust


Build content that will help you build trust

I’ve been preaching about the value of content for awhile now and some of you are starting to get the message. Content is a powerful tool for generating Google juice for your web site, but it’s also a critical factor in helping to build trust and credibility.  For a business just getting into the content game, the single most valuable piece of content you can start with is a blog.

The challenge most people then tell me about is that they have no idea what to write about.  Or what they might say that hasn’t already been said.  I tell my clients to start with delivering content that will help you to build trust.

Here are 5 key ways to build content that will help you build trust.  Think about how you might be able to use each of these in your business.

1. Answer common customer questions.  This is information, of course, that your customers are interested in or they wouldn’t have asked the questions.  Publish it on your site and your blog so the details are there for all to see.

2. Surveys.  By sending our surveys and gaining further insight in to your industry, you will uncover additional information and details that will allow you add more value.

3. Repurpose reviews and testimonials.  If you are already receiving positive reviews and comments on sites like Yelp and Google Places, you’ll benefit from additional key word rich content by putting these reviews on your own web site.

4. Publish a list of mistakes buyers often make in your industry.  Tell your prospects what to look for and pay special attention to when hiring someone in your industry.

5.Publish a list of frequently unanswered questions.  In #1, we talked about the frequently asked questions and publishing these on your web site as blog posts as well as separately on an FAQ page, but you might also think about publishing the list of questions that are frequently not asked, and, therefore, unanswered.

While your blog might not initially have people running to it as they grab their morning coffee, it will still help to reinforce your place as an expert in your field.  And don’t forget, the real benefit of content comes with regular and consistent content.  Think about building your content routine.

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