5 Tips For Staying Current with Your Online Presence

web site is your online hub
Keeping your website current is critical to your long-term success.

Now that we are building websites in Content Management Systems which allow us to make regular changes and updates, there’s no excuse for having outdated information on your web site.  In fact, now it’s pretty much an expectation that you’ll be regularly updating and adding content.  Ensuring that your website, marketing materials, social networking profiles, etc. are current is one of the best ways to continue to build trust and demonstrate that you deserve it.  Outdated information is the fastest way to create doubt in the minds of your prospects.

To maintain trust across the board, it’s important to the update the following items on a very regular basis.

1.  Review company website photos and videos of yourself at least annually to ensure you’re not being misrepresented.  With changes in hairstyles, cuts, and clothing styles, photos and video can look dated.  If the details on your website are not current, it suggests your attention to detail is lacking.   

2.  Social Networking Profiles and Photos–While we never want to admit we might be aging or we’ve gained a few pounds, using an outdated photo does mislead.  If someone would have trouble recognizing you from the photo you have posted, it’s time to update the picture.  And if your profile information is not up to date, those you meet may question your authenticity.  About two months ago, I met with an individual who might have been a good strategic partner for me and my business.  After our meeting, I looked this individual up on LinkedIn to connect, and strangely enough, her profile didn’t event mention the company name that was listed on her business card.  This detail then made me question how dedicated she was to the company she represented to me.

3.  Testimonials and Customer Comments—Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to see testimonials on websites that you can be sure are five plus years old.  I encourage clients to update testimonials and customer comments that appear on your website or other marketing materials at least annually.  You should be collecting testimonials from every client anyway so this shouldn’t pose that big a challenge to update your materials on a regular basis.  Review the details to ensure that the testimonial is still relevant to how you want to market your various products and services.

4.  Update your Products and Services—There’s no question that businesses evolve over time and with that evolution it’s likely that your products and services have evolve somewhat.  Review your products and services to ensure that they are still accurately represented online.

5.  Events and Dates—Many of us post upcoming events on our website but there’s nothing worse than looking at a list of events and seeing that everything has already happened and this information is outdated.  The other item to look at is your web site copyright date.  Be sure it represents the current year to show prospects that you pay attention to these details.

Because we use the internet to research everything now, keeping your website current is critical to your long-term success.  It’s now your number one marketing source, so be sure you’re putting your best foot forward online.

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