5 Ways to Build Trust

 As you’ve heard me say before, marketing is about getting prospects to know, like and trust you.  And the critical piece is trust because the next logical step is to buy when the need arises.  We’re always searching for more ways to build trust, and here’s a list of suggestions to consider incorporating into your marketing plan.

1. Build case studies into your marketing materials.  Give prospects the opportunity to read how you helped someone just like them.  Make them simple—describe the problem, your solution and the result.  To make the case study even more powerful, get your client involved in writing it. 

2. Make a list of clients as a way to demonstrate who already trusts you.  Trust builds trust.

3. We all know client testimonials are extremely valuable in creating credibility.  But to create even more trust, video tape your client giving you a testimonial and post it on your web site.

4. Write your marketing story.  Talk about how you ended up in this business and where your passion for what you do comes from.  This gives readers an opportunity to get to know the real you and helps develop a real connection.

5. Identifying a target market and even mentioning that target client in your marketing materials helps to create trust because your readers know that you are speaking directly to them and that you have experience working with clients just like them. 

Building trust is a matter of educating clients about the benefits of doing business with you.  Stay tuned for even more ways to build trust.  I’ll post on this topic again next week with some additional suggestions.

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