5 Ways to Put Old Blog Posts to Work to Create New Opportunities


If you’ve been blogging for a few years, no doubt you have plenty of good posts out there that could be updated and re-purposed.  As someone who counsels clients on building content for their business, I think we all make this content thing way too complex.  So for those of you have a slew of posts under your belt, here are 5 ways to put those old blog posts to new use.

1. Consolidate a topic and create an e-book.  E-books can get some great traction because you’ve gone to the trouble of conveniently bundling them up in one place.  And it’s quite inexpensive to actually pull together an ebook.

2. Simple downloadable PDFs.  Some think that the e-book is too much of a commitment so maybe you start with 2 or 3 posts on the same topic and re-work them into downloadable document.  Again, providing consolidated content in a convenient manner is useful for your audience because you’re teaching them how to get the most value from you in an efficient manner.

3. Building some action.  Any post in the archives that still gets traffic is an asset with opportunity.  Create a compelling offer somewhere in the content and add it into those posts and watch for conversions.

4. Use brief excerpts as email hooks.  Old blog posts can work well for your e-newsletters.  Take a snippet from one of your top posts and include it in your next e-newsletter.  It gives your subscribers a great reason to visit your site and look around to see what else you’ve got.

5. Actively work on backlinks.  For those timeless posts,  and even those topics that are cyclical and topical once again, alert bloggers also in that niche and see if you can get some link love by having them share your content with their readers.

If the content is good, there will always be a market for it.  It’s a matter of thinking a little strategically to help you refresh your outlook and your business opportunities.

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