6 Tips for the Perfect Hand-written Note Card

By now, I think you all know how much I value the hand-written note card as a tool that should be part of every marketing plan.  So once you’ve decided that you’re going to make use of the note card, you’ve got to determine what to write in that card, and strangely enough, this is a question I get all the time.

How to Write the Perfect Follow-up Note Card
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Recently, Viv Milne, owner of 221 by Viv Wedding and Event Design and a client of WH & Associates, detailed the specifics for writing the perfect hand-written note card.  Be sure to take note so that when you set out do these follow-up cards, you don’t agonize over the content, but write rather quickly and move on to other valued tasks.

1. Start with the correct spelling of the person’s name.  There’s nothing worse than spelling someone’s name incorrectly.  That’s an attention to detail you don’t want to miss. And really, with the access we have today to online profiles and the ability to check for correct spelling.

2. Mention the occasion for which you are writing the note.  Providing this kind of context allows the reader to quickly identify you and recall the discussion that took place.

3. State the reason for writing your note.  It’s  simple hand-written note card so you want to be very direct because there isn’t a great deal of room on the card and it’s not intended to be the great American novel.

4. If the card is intended to offer thanks, be sure to actually write the words ‘Thank You’.  So often, people beat around the bush on this one.  With a card, it’s important to directly offer your thanks so that the reader completely understands your intent.

5. End with an appropriate closing.  The closing will depend on how close you are to the individual.  You’ll need to determine if a formal closing like Sincerely yours is a good fit or if your closing like Cheers, or Talk soon might be a better option.

6. Whether or not to include a business card.  This depends on how well you know the individual.  If you’ve already done business together, the individual knows how to reach so a business card is unnecessary.  If the card is going to someone you just met at a networking event, then it’s fine to include a business card.

The hand-written note card is a classic marketing tool and your mother might even say it’s just proper manners.  Follow the tips above and produce 3 or 4 sentences within your card and you’re likely to find this personal touch provides the right balance across your high tech, high touch marketing routine.

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