6 Ways to Build Content with Your Referral Network

It’s Referral Monday and every Monday my blog post is related to creating a better Referral Marketing system for your business.  This week, the focus is on building content with your referral network. 

It’s been said time and time again that “Content is King”.  And in order for the content to really be commanding, it has to be educational and provide value.  Writing valuable and intriguing content on a regular basis (and running a successful business) is challenging.  And that’s why I suggest using your Referral Network to help you build regular content to add to your on line presence.  Here are 6 ways of using your Referral Network to build your content stream.

Content Ico
Mine your Referral Network for great, relevant content.

1. Guest Blog Posts from your Referral/Strategic Partners—Let’s face it, blogging is time consuming and if we can share great, relevant content across partners, why not.  Create a routine between yourself and your partners so that each of you gets more bang for your writing efforts.  For example, one of my clients, who is a dentist, is partnering with a chiropractor and they provide a blog post to each other once per week.  He’s also partnering with a pathologist to provide a blog post once per month. 

2. Video and Audio Interviews—Most people are not fond of writing and if that’s the case for you, why not try interviewing a member of your Referral Network to create content for your blog or your social media channels.  This is something that I’ve done with one of my Strategic Partners and we can record it in just a few minutes.  Write out your questions ahead of time and alert your colleague so they can prepare a little. 

3. Attendance at Networking Events—This is a three-fer opportunity.  You can post an announcement on your social media profile that you’ll be attending a certain event.  You can post something real-time while you’re at the event—maybe a photo or piece of video from the event highlighting your referral partners that are in attendance and few key takeaways.  And then you can write up what you learned at the event and post it on your blog.

4. Showcase one of your Referral Partners—This is a great opportunity to let your community know why you refer and value this partner.  In many cases, we’ve used the services of our referral partners, so we have an opportunity to provide that information in the form of a case study and testimonial, complete with results.  So, in this case, you’ll escalate trust and credibility for both of you.

5. Read and Comment on Posts from Your Referral Partners—Adding comments to articles, social media posts etc., you see online should be part of your content building strategy and this should also apply to your referral partners.  This encourages engagement from these same partners on your own posts which helps to create even more engaging content.

6. Write About Your Referral Network—Pick a member of your Referral Network and highlight them on your blog.  Compliment them on what they’re doing and how it’s useful to your community.

Creating valuable content on a regular basis can be challenging so I hope this helps in promoting the building of more useful materials.  What other opportunities are you cashing in on to involve your Referral Network in your content world?

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