6 Ways to Use Landing Pages To Generate Leads

landing pagesOne of the most important reasons to use landing pages is the ability to capture metrics.  If you’re going to be spending time and money on different campaigns, you need to understand how effective these campaigns are at producing results.  Looking at analytics on your landing pages will allow you to understand how effective the ad, email marketing etc., is at driving traffic to your landing page and generating new leads or actual sales.

Because landing pages are designed to deliver a very focused call to action, they’re extremely useful when used along with many of your other marketing tactics.  Recently, I covered the essentials to building a landing page, and now, here are 6 places to integrate your landing pages into the rest of your marketing action plan.

1. Email Marketing.  With a fresh email list, landing page links are perfect for sending more personalized letters and are likely to get better results than something that sounds a little too corporate.

2. Print Advertising or Traditional Media.  Even though we are very much in the Internet age, many people do still read local newspapers, magazines, and even tune into radio and television.  It’s worth repeating that if you’re going to do any kind of advertising, the 2 step direct method of advertising is the most useful simply because it has a feedback loop built right in.  And using landing page links for that feedback loop makes perfect sense.

3. Coupons and Other Offers.  Landing page links for coupon offers and things like Groupon or Google offers are the perfect option to make a specific offer.  They also allow you to see how well you’re doing with clicks to the offer and then seeing how well the landing page itself actually converts.

4. Social Sites.  Using social sites is a great way to spread the word and amplify.  With comments, sharing and advertising, landing pages provide the perfect extension to that conversation.

5. Organic Search and SEO.  Optimizing isn’t something you do just for your home page.  Taking the time to optimize a landing page for search can bring in visitors to fill out your form and spread your message.

6. Paid Search. This is probably the most obvious place to incorporate landing pages.  In this scenario, the search engine places your ad on a search results page for one or more keywords in exchange for your payment each time a user clicks on your ad.  It’s much more effective if those who lick on that ad end up on a landing page that has your call to action.

Once you start building landing pages, you’ll be building one for everything you’re working on in your business.  It’s all about putting some strategy and planning around your content.  If you’re looking for some more ideas on using content marketing to deliver some new leads, join us for this upcoming webinar on March 26.

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