7 Tips for Writing Better Press Releases

Like the evening news, stick to the facts

Recently, I’ve share a good deal of information about what kinds of topics are worthy of issuing a press release.  And last week, I shared some details on several online press release distribution sites to show you how to use the press release to generate traffic and act as a source of lead generation.  But the press release needs to be a quality document in order to entice others to look for more information.

To make your press release drive traffic, you want to be sure you’re sending out a professional and powerful news release.  Here are 7 tips to do just that:

1. Start Solid and Robust.  You only have a few seconds to capture the readers’ attention, so you need to get some key information out there quickly.  The headline, summary and first paragraph should concisely deliver your news.  The idea is to use the rest of the release to provide the details.

2. Write Professionally.  Avoid using slang and excessive hype because it will make your release seem more like an advertisement rather than a press release.  And in order to maintain and increase your business credibility, be sure to sure proofread and avoid any sloppy mistakes or grammatical errors because the press release will only open up those errors to a larger audience.

3. Avoid Using Industry Jargon.  The best way to communicate information in a press release is to write using ordinary language.  Industry-speak can quickly limit your audience.

4. Be Timely and Provide Information.  You want to ensure that your audience finds your story interesting so when you’re writing think about your audience.  Ask yourself, “Why should anyone care?”Your release should be timely, unique, emphasize something about your company that is new or unusual.  Regardless, if your press release sounds like an advertisement for your business, think twice about releasing it.

5. Just The Facts.  Be sure to tell the truth and avoid embellishments and hype.  As someone else to review your new release and if they think it sounds sensational, other readers will too.

6. Avoid Clichés.  Be sure to communicate the details around your announcement that really differentiates you from your competition.  Avoid communicating simple and cliché phrases like “great customer service” or simply saving money.  If those are true benefits, use real life case studies to demonstrate how your product or service has solved a problem and the results or outcomes your customers have experienced.

7. Understand Your Hook.  Be sure to have a strong angle in your press release.  You want to tie your information to recent data or studies that have been published, current events, trends or social issues because that helps to demonstrate relevance and the importance of your message.

Take a few extra minutes to follow these tips and your press release is sure to produce even better results.

I’d love to hear about any other tips you might include in this list.

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