7 Ways to Blog Without Being a Writer

According to Hubspot, an online marketing group, websites with a blog get 55%+ more traffic.

I frequently hear from clients that they would like to blog, but they really aren’t much of a writer.  There are a number of different things that you can add to your blog that allow you to continue adding new and interesting content, where you don’t have to be an excellent writer.  Below I’ve listed 7 ideas that you can use to allow you to add content to your web site without being a writer.

1. Video. Blog posts don’t necessarily have to be written so consider using video to convey your words of wisdom. And with respect to many of the ideas below, you could incorporate video into those suggestions as well.

2. Audio. If you’re not comfortable writing or using video, you can always record yourself actually speaking through a topic and use podcasting as your tool of choice. All you need is a simple microphone to plug into your computer and a simple tool like Audio Acrobat.

3. Industry Events. Simply posting the details about upcoming industry events or your own simple list of notes from a recently attended event is useful for your audience. Any events that you might be having or speaking at or taking part in are useful to post for your customer and prospect audience. Be sure to include photos too.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). FAQs make for great information to post on your blog. If you’ve just created a new web site and been pro-active by adding a blog, but you’re not ready to write yet, use it as your FAQ page for now. And each week, make a point to add in a new question and answer. That way you’ll be adding new content to your site and that content will be inherently rich with key word search terms.

5. Customer Testimonials. Complimentary words from your clients make for great content as well because they too, are inherently rich with key words.

6. Pictures. If you have photos or images that somehow relate to your industry these are fine to add to your blog with a few simple words explaining their relevance.

7. Interviews. Simply transcribing an interview that you might have with a strategic alliance or a client can provide excellent content.

It’s also important to remember that the best written blog posts are written as though you were having a conversation.  The style is much less formal and that also makes it easier to write.

I’d love to hear about any other ideas you have that allow you to blog without the talent of someone like Tom Clancy.


  • Great tips Kelly. Similar to your #3, another great way to create blog content is to take a piece of news and explain how it effects your target audience – the same way you would during a lunch conversation with one of you best customers.

  • Thanks Bill. I love your suggestion. Incorporating the effects of current events always makes for great conversation and content.

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