Celebrate National Small Business Week!

Next week, May 16 to 20, we’re celebrating National Small Business Week.  There’s lots of fun and learning scheduled.

Celebrating National Small Business Week
What are you doing to celebrate National Small Business Week?

Here’s what’s you can look forward to:   Starting May 16 at the Duct Tape Marketing blog, there will be 5 days with 5 guest bloggers including the following:

  • Copyblogger – Brian Clark
  • Escape From Cubicle Nation – Pam Slim
  • Palo Alto Software Founder – Tim Berry
  • SNAP Selling – Jill Konrath
  • The Go-Giver – Bob Burg
  • Marketing Profs – Ann Handley
  • Hubspot – Brian Halligan
  • New Rules of PR and Marketing – David Meerman Scott
  • Chris Brogan
  • Small Biz Trends – Anita Campbell

Get set for an exciting week of content.

Here’s the agenda for next week’s blog:

  1. What is a Marketing Strategy and How Do I Get One?  (May 16)
  2. Okay, I’m Creating Content, How Do I Get Someone to Read? (May 17)
  3. I Have a Website, What Else Should I be Doing Online? (May 18)
  4. How Do I Get More Leads in the Top of the Funnel? (May 19)
  5. I Hate Selling, So Now How Do I Convert Leads? (May 20)

And here’s where the fun begins…

These posts will appear with no byline.  Each day, there will be five posts on the topic of the day, and each will be posted without identifying who wrote the post.  The challenge (and opportunity) is for you to match the post with the correct guest blogger.

There will be a form provided to allow you to test your skill and/or luck.  Fill in the form and if you’ve matched the posts to the authors correctly, you will be entered into a drawing to win an iPad.  One iPad will be given away each day.

Read – Learn – Comment — Match – and possibly Win!

On Wednesday, May 18th, John Jantsch will be hosting a free live session – How To Create a Marketing System for Consistent and Predictable Results. Click on the link to register.

And the learning continues…

Thursday, May 19th, I’ll be holding a live Half Day Marketing Workshop in Irvine, CA.  We’ll go into more detail about creating a marketing system for your small business.  And we’ll have a few giveaways to add to the celebration.  Join us for one or both!


  • Sounds like a great week with lots of interesting activities Kelly! Looking forward to following!

  • Thanks Sue. I’m looking forward to it too. I’ll be giving away a few surprises on Thursday if you know anyone that might benefit from attending.

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