A Six Step Process to Enhancing Your Client Experience

I regularly talk about building systems within your business because it’s the easiest way to create a consistent and repeatable methodology around an activity in your business.  And you can use that system idea to create a consistent and repeatable experience for your prospects and clients.  With a system, you can also measure and uncover ways to improve your whole business process over time.  Taking the opportunity to audit and collect feedback at least annually gives you the chance to provide something very different from the competition.

And one of the best places to start this process is with your best clients.  Your top clients will have your best interests at heart and be able to provide valuable comments and views as they experienced your products and services first-hand.  And you’ll draw them in even further and respect you even more when you ask for their candid feedback.

If you’re up to the continuous improvement challenge, here’s a 6 step process you can use to improve your client experience.

1. Identify 5 or 6 of your best clients.  You want this list to consist of those clients that came away with exceptional value from working with you.  The idea here is to confirm which aspects of your product or service provide the greatest level of value.

2. Schedule a 1 hour time slot with each to interview these clients.  You want to know why they hired you and ask them how they believe you differ from the competition.  As business owners, we think our clients value certain aspects of our business but we’re usually a little off the mark.  You want to be 100% confident about what it is that your clients value.

3. Build a case study outlining the results they experienced.  A case study demonstrates that you know how to solve a problem and that you when do solve that problem, you have experience delivering certain results.  A case study includes some background information on the client, some details on the problem they were experiencing when they hired you, the type of solution you provided, and the results or outcome you delivered.

4. Quantify the value vs. price.  Spend some time elaborating on the details so that you can articulate the rate of return they received from working with you.  Ideally you want to be able to quantify those outcomes.

5. Ask the client what you can do better next time.  Be sure you understand where there gaps in your offering so that you are able to create opportunities for improvement.  Are there items that you could alter to improve the results or experience next time?

6. Reverse engineer you product or service.  This will allow you understand where the changes or enhancements can be made to improve the process to build a better experience.

Investing the time to do a results review with your clients can be a remarkable selling feature for your business.  You get to confirm why it is that your clients buy from you and reinforce the experience they’ve had with you so they tell others around them.  Build your business and your credibility by reinforcing the client experience you deliver.

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