Are We Entitled to Privacy on the Web?

We’ve all seen the recent stories dominating the social networking news regarding Facebook privacy settings.  We’ve read the posts  and comments by those who are appalled and all the negativity. 

But let’s think about the purpose of Facebook for a moment.  Facebook was created to allow us an avenue to reach out to and communicate with whomever.  They let us post pictures, videos, articles, events, and general info about, and they don’t charge us for it.  So they must want something in return, right?  Sure, they want access to information about us so they can sell targeted advertising.  They are using the same tool to learn something about us so they have something valuable to sell to their advertisers.

No company would spend millions of dollars developing the tools and features available on Facebook if there wasn’t some opportunity to make money in return.  Now it’s up to you to decide if free access to the tool is enough for you to give your personal information in exchange. 

Facebook is still a good tool for business.  Don’t let the recent stir about privacy issues make convince you to sit this one out because it’s still a great tool to reach out and engage customers and prospects.  And keep an eye on your privacy settings and what information you do post.

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