Are You Guilty of ‘Once and Done’ Marketing?

Over the past couple of weeks, every business owner I meet with tells me their biggest problem is lead generation.  I ask about how many leads they generate a month, how they generate them, and what they’re doing with them.  I’m interested in understanding the response to an initial request, the qualification process, the proposal stage and what happens next.

And it turns out, after the proposal stage, if the prospect doesn’t buy, a lot of businesses don’t do anything further.  And what’s interesting about that is that only about 10% of prospects ever purchase at initial contact.  Most prospects require 6 to 8 touches to actually get the sale.

Nurture The Leads You Already Have.

So, I would argue that the problem really isn’t lead generation – it’s lead nurturing.  If we actually nurtured the leads we did get, we wouldn’t need so many new leads every month.  And that’s the value of routine and consistent marketing.  Much of your routine program should be about continuing to nurture those leads that already know you and work at moving them through the stages of the buying cycle.  Once they know who you are, it’s time to work on getting them to like you and trust you.   But how do you do that?

That’s where regular content and regular contact come in.  Think about it.  Creating content should be about providing valuable and useful information to your prospects and I often tell my clients to think about what your prospects need to know to become better consumers of your industry.  That’s where you can add value and build up your content.  And if you’re continually working to better educate your prospects, there’s a pretty good chance that when they’re ready to buy, they’ll come to you directly.

Lead nurturing is about taking the selling out of your system.  Replace it with regular content and regular contact and you’ll see the difference.  Stay tuned for ideas on how to create that regular content to help you maintain contact.

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