Are You Making This Mistake In Your Business?

It’s interesting to flip through a local paper or magazine and take a look at some of the advertising that appears in these publications.  Unfortunately, one of the biggest challenges I see is that businesses focus on everything but that which is most important.   The companies talk about how long they’ve been in business, their education or training, their great service (this is not a differentiator, it’s an expectation), but they completely forget about communicating what’s really important to the customer.

Customers want to know what’s in it for them.  They want to know what they’ll get out of the arrangement and what they’ll get in return for their payment.   Unfortunately, this is the detail that most ads frequently don’t include.

Sadly, businesses pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for advertisements every day and never bother to tell prospects about the benefits of doing business with them.  And when they simply provide details about the number of years in business and tell you to come on down and buy from them, the first thing we’re going to ask is ‘how much?’  Because so many ads basically make businesses look and sound the same, we don’t have anything else to judge a business on, so it’s becomes all about price

Make your advertising work.  Talk about how your business is different from the competition, tell us why your existing clients buy from you and what they value.  Most prospects are interested in understanding if your product or service will save them time or money or both.  They want to know you’re going to make their life easier, more enjoyable or less stressful. 

Work at making your message appeal to your prospects and be sure to detail what’s in it for them.

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