Are You Memorable?

Use storytelling to make yourself memorable.
Use storytelling to make yourself memorable while networking.

One of the reasons people shy against networking events is because, quite frankly, they’re often painful.  As referral marketing and networking expert Dr. Ivan Misner says “It seems everyone goes to a networking event looking to sell, but no one goes looking to buy.”

We really should be going to these events to meet interesting people who might make good connections and strategic alliances, but it’s tough to get a quick understanding as to who we should spend our time with.  It’s not about knowing a slew of financial planners or marketing consultants, it’s about knowing the right ones.

So how do you make sure you meet the right people at these events?  It all starts with making a memorable introduction—an introduction that encourages others to remember you.  To make yourself unforgettable, try storytelling to introduce yourself.  Using a brief client success story when introducing yourself makes you and what you do much more relevant to your audience.

Client success stories are incredibly useful for introducing yourself because they also provide several other benefits that can be difficult to convey quickly and concisely:

  • Storytelling creates an opportunity for you to communicate who makes a good client or customer for you.
  • Secondly, it creates a very natural opportunity to differentiate yourself from others who may work in your industry because you’re providing an example of the kind of specific problem you’ve successfully solved.
  • Stories are much easier for others to remember, and, even more important, repeat.  When someone else is able to repeat your story, you stand a much better chance of being introduced or referred to people who fit your ideal client description and have the kinds of problems you’ve successfully solved.
  • And for those who have a non-traditional type of business, it also makes it easier for the rest of us to understand what you do.

To effectively use storytelling when introducing yourself, be sure you follow the steps below:

  • Keep it short and simple so others can repeat it
  • Provide some level of description of the client
  • Communicate some details about the problem
  • If possible, reveal the solution and the outcome or results

I tried this recently at a workshop I lead and the participants were pleased with the responses they were getting.  Try it out and let me know how it works for you.

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