Article Marketing to Drive Web Site Traffic

Article marketing to drive traffic to your web site.
Article marketing can be an easy way to drive traffic to your web site.

Article marketing can be a very simple and low-cost means of driving traffic to your web site.  Well-written content articles are useful in increasing credibility for the business and can be extremely useful in attracting new clients. 

As an owner of any business, you’re really a marketer.  The best way to market is to provide educational content about your business to make your prospects better consumer of your industry.  The idea here is to put your content into article format and then distribute it to free article-hosting web sites.  A typical article will provide useful and valuable information that is not selling, usually in the range of 300 to 600 words per article.

Article marketing is essentially a means of acquiring free press space.  The real benefit of submitting articles to these hosting sites, is that they are often syndicated by other web sites, and published on multiple websites.  Because the primary reason for article marketing is to drive search engine traffic, authors generally ensure their articles contain the relevant key words and key phrases.

Each hosting site has different requirements so be sure to review their requirements to try to create success quickly.  In every case though, avoid selling if your articles.  You want to educate, inform and even entertain, and then send them to your own web site to discover more about you and your products and services.

The following are some popular article sites to consider:

In addition to these sites, there are many others.  What other sites have you used and recommend?

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