8 Holiday Business Gift Ideas to Help You Celebrate The Season On a Budget

So I’ve been asking around the past few weeks about some of the best holiday business gift ideas.  There’s certainly a technology theme here, however, there are a couple of other items that show up on the list that are worth noting as well.  I have many of these items and those that I don’t already have, I’d be happy to receive.

holiday business gift ideas
Functional and useful gifts for the business colleague.

Carbonite.  We all know people, business owners included, who don’t have a decent on-going computer back-up system in place.  I’m a big fan of automated back-ups so once it’s set up, it continues to function without a lot of attention. I’m also a big fan of using a back-up system in the cloud because most of us forget that the external hard drive sitting next to your computer could also be flooded or destroyed in a home accident.  For $59 a year, this is an awesome buy and a terrific gift.

Micro USB Portable Power.  There are all kinds of these on the market so they’re pretty easy to find and not that complicated, but they are incredibly useful.  And many come in odd shapes like Gumbi which make them flexible for providing some extra power.

Affordable Wireless Microphone System. I bought this recently and it’s a real steal.  I’ve got a Kodak video camera that’s a few years old, but this is a great add-on to improve the audio volume for your videos.  Simple to install and use and it works.  We all know how valuable video can be to our marketing, so this one is a great add-on.

  • Pyle-Pro PDWM96 Lavalier Wireless Microphone System – $13.11
  • 3.5mm Stereo Male to 1/4″ Stereo Female Adapter  – $2.13


Car Power Adapter.  These have been around for awhile, but now that we have so many tools we use keep in our pockets and bags, we are always in need of power.  These are available in a number of versions and anytime I can get some portable power and take advantage of car time when someone else is driving, I’m up for it.

FitBit.  This is a great techie tool for those fitness enthusiasts (or the wannabes) and the person who’s hard to buy for.  Its purpose is to give continuous feedback on your daily activity as well as your sleep patterns.  This is a little more pricey at $99 but a unique gift that will make you memorable.

Mouse.  There are lots of great mouse products out there but I really like these two from Microsoft.  There’s the Arc Touch Mouse and the Wedge Touch Mouse. They’re both great for form fit and travel and the battery life is phenomenal.  This is a product you’ll hear your recipient talk about.

Massage Gift Certificate.  Let’s face it, the world is tough and who doesn’t love a little pampering.  This is always a great gift.  Not techie, but very relaxing.

Donation to Hurricane Sandy Relief.  With this natural disaster still affecting thousands in the Northeast, what better way to honor a business colleague or friend than contributing in their name.  During the holidays, charity contributions make for great gifts to the community.  Think about supporting Hurricane Sandy victims or look to find an appropriate cause in your community.

I’m always on the lookout for other great gifts for clients and business colleagues.  If you’ve got something to add to the list, please add it to the comments below.  We’d all like to hear your best kept secrets.

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