The Benefits of Using a Marketing Agency

benefits of using a marketing agency

Do you know the benefits of using a marketing agency?  Is your business trying to decide between hiring a marketing agency or building an in-house team, or even doing it yourself? Take a minute to sit back and consider the advantages of that outside agency before rushing to the help wanted sites and posting an in-house marketing job.

Marketing means communicating your company’s worth to prospective customers, keeping existing customers loyal, promoting your brand of product or service, and building awareness of your company. You may know some people who would be happy to do this for you in-house, but for many businesses, it’s far more effective and efficient to out-source to an organization that specializes in the skills and tool sets necessary to produce results.

This team is fully established in a number of different marketing areas, and they’re ready to work for you while you save money on your payroll.  Successful marketing is not event-based—it’s routine and consistent—and that’s what delivers real results.  In addition to having your marketing needs addressed every day and every week, here are some other reasons why you might consider using a marketing agency.

1. Specializing in a Number of Different Tactics and Methods

When you choose an established agency, you choose a business that has knowledge built up over years in the industry. A recent marketing graduate simply cannot compare to the collaborative, tried and true methods that an agency has experienced over the years. It’s obvious that the first advantage to choosing an agency over an in-house individual is the variety of creative minds at the helm of your marketing.

While the fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed, the tools we use have changed dramatically over the last five years along.  The chances of hiring an agency that already possesses experience the various tools necessary to take your business to the next level is significantly higher.  And there’s a pretty good chance that the agency has worked with similar businesses in your industry so there’s likely an element of familiarity and learning curve that you can avoid to deliver results faster.

2. Financial Benefits

The financial benefits are at the forefront of the advantages to hiring an agency over an in-house team. No personnel means you eliminate the overhead expenses incurred with additional staff.  You can also pay a flat fee for some services offered by marketing agencies.

It also means that you should be able to better understand your budget for the marketing projects you select as part of your plan.  This is what agencies do every day so they will be familiar with the costs involved in delivering certain marketing tactics—like direct mail.

Using an agency will help to set better expectations in terms of budget and the outcomes that a business can expect.  For example, with a tactic like direct mail or advertising, businesses with little experience in these areas plan to do this kind of tactic once and expect solid results that one-time.  An agency knows that it typically takes 6 to 11 touches with prospects, so that would be figured into the marketing plan and the budget.

An agency will certainly be able to deliver a greater number of tactics as part of the marketing plan.  You certainly cannot ask one or two employees to work on as many projects as a full agency can so there’s the opportunity to work at the pace that is most appropriate for the business at that time.

3. More Experience Means Better Results

Marketing is another industry that is now all about Big Data and analytics.  A marketing agency is going to be familiar with understanding and collecting base line data and then determining the best metrics to analyze to get the best results.

There are many, many tools out there that can help collect this data but it’s the knowledge from the marketing agency that helps you understand what the data means and what your organization and the marketing agency will do with the data.  And this is where many businesses get hung up.  They don’t what they should be looking or what it means and how it should be used to improve your marketing results over time.

It’s also important to consider an agency that is going to look at your business strategically, rather than just at the tactical deliveries like artwork or copywriting.  Any agency can deliver graphic design, but make sure you, as a business, understand why you’re using certain tactics over others.  And tactics should be determined based on your overall strategy—like who your ideal client is and what makes your organization different from your competition.  Without that kind of intelligence, you’re just hiring another fulfillment vendor.

Think about the questions the marketing agency asks as you interview them and determine whether or not they sound like a vendor who’s just going to fulfill the tasks that you designate to them or if they’ll actually put the thought and detail behind a strategy that will work for your business.

Hiring a marketing agency isn’t something to consider lightly.  Spend the time to get to know the agencies you might work with and what exactly you need them to do.  And ask them about what you can expect as your work with the organization.  This is a big decision and you don’t want to enter into a relationship with an agency without doing your homework.

If you’d like to find out more about working with a marketing agency, contact us for a complimentary marketing audit.  Simply click the link here and fill out the details.  We’ll contact you and set up a call at a mutually convenient to discuss your marketing audit.

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