Brian Solis Talking About The End of Business As Usual

"The End of Business As Usual" by Brian Solis.

This past week, Orange County had the pleasure of welcoming author and digital media expert Brian Solis to town.  This was another excellent event offered by LinkedOC, a LinkedIn community group run by Bryan Eliott who always brings the highest caliber marketing and new media experts to the Orange County area.

Solis presented on the topic of his most recent book, “The End of Business as Usual”.   While the book talks about engagement in this digital world, it’s really still about building relationships. The relationships we build on-line, from our personal profiles and our business networks, really help to create and enhance a whole new world of consumer influence.

I wouldn’t really say the book is dedicated to social media per se, but rather focused on what we should all be attentive to – the customer experience.  That’s what people will remember, and that’s what people will talk about and tell others about.

Solis discussed the difference between the traditional consumer who actually pays for information, the digital consumer who believes all information should be free and finally, the connected consumer who has an audience.  As a business, you are now marketing to an audience with an audience so you’re speaking to and through people.  With that in mind, we need to think like the customer.

I think the most important words from Solis were that we have to think about what our vision of customer relationship looks like and what do people expect to get out of that relationship with our company.   Sadly, most companies end up designing their digital strategy for the medium, rather than the experience.  Simply having a presence isn’t a strategy.  Attention is precious so design for the experience.

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