Build Your Marketing Routine

It seems like every week I talk to small business owners that are trying to get into the habit of regularly doing some kind of marketing activity to promote their business and then when I follow up in a few weeks to see what they moved forward with, and it’s nothing.  The best way to continually market your business is to put together some kind of routine and then work your way into the routine. 

Small Business Marketing Routine
Small Businesses Need to Build a Marketing Routine

Below, I’ve put together a sample marketing routine for business owners to follow.  This is more of comprehensive marketing routine, but we all need to start somewhere.  It’s like working out, we don’t just walk into the Turbo Kickboxing class on our first day at the gym.  Pick just one activity and work it into your routine for the next month.  Success comes with consistency and repetition.

Let me know how you do.


Facebook and Twitter daily, update first thing in the morning, at lunch and maybe a posting later in the day, for personal and at least one for the biz page each day.  Maybe you decide to do these just once a day.


LinkedIn update at least once a week.

Hand-written Notes–Every Thursday.  Send at least 2 handwritten notes to colleagues, past clients, strategic partners etc.

Blogging—Monday and Thursday or Friday, Monday the topic always revolves around a theme like tips for the do-it-yourselfers (you’ll have to pick a theme that’s relevant for your business). Thursday or Friday is anything that’s related to your industry.  Blogging might be written, video or audio. 


Newsletter—email marketing newsletter at least once per month.  Pick a target date like the 15th.

Guest Blogger or Interview—Once a month, have a strategic partner guest post for you or interview a strategic partner for a guest blog video or audio post.


Speaking Event—set a goal to do a speaking event once per quarter.  This can be something for you Chamber, for a group of home-owners, whatever audience you like but the idea is to get out there and get your business out there.


Client Appreciation Event—Pick a month that works within your calendar and work with a few strategic partners to host a client appreciation event.  The idea here is that each of you will invite clients that might be good prospects for your strategic partners.  Think about hiring a videographer for this event so you can capture video testimonials to use on your website.

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