Building Organic SEO in to Your Web Site

In the past, business owners and entrepreneurs spent their time pounding the pavement, hitting the phone, and making cold calls.  They spent valuable resources on trade show booths, travelling to no show appointments or appointments with people that weren’t really qualified, or anywhere near their picture of an ideal client—ultimately wasting time.

Now that we have the internet and an abundance of data at our fingertips regarding who’s online searching for what, it seems a little silly to continue that haphazard approach.  And that’s why many businesses have moved on to practice inbound marketing and building organic SEO.

Marketing in the past took much more of a ‘push’ mentality.  The more information you pushed out to the funnel of prospects meant that eventually you’d choke a few through that funnel and make some sales–if you pushed on them long and hard enough.  But those tactics just don’t work anymore.

Today, if we have a problem to solve, we simply search online for possible solutions and we research what information is out there that could provide a possible solution.  So, if that’s how we collect information today and solve a problem, doesn’t it makes good sense to reverse engineer that process and build that into our marketing plan? You bet.

With so many individuals and businesses trolling the web every second of the day, getting found by these folks searching can prove to be very lucrative.  And that’s why an inbound marketing approach is really your best bet in terms of accessing true prospects.  Google processing over a billion searches each and every day (should find a source for this).  Each of those people is searching for a solution to solve a problem or an itch they want to scratch, so it just naturally makes sense to build some focus on Organic SEO into a business as quickly as possible.

Building organic SEO into your web site is no easy and simple task.  However, with some consistent effort, a little knowledge, and some content, you can make an impact and show up in those searches.  Google, in particular, really focuses on quality content rather than quantity, and the same is true of the other search engines.  Having some understanding of how your prospects are searching online is a critical part to becoming successful.  That’s the real value in understanding SEO and how it can help you and your business.

If you haven’t focused much on organic SEO in the past, I think now is the time to make it part of your marketing action plan.  If you’d like some more information on building organic SEO to help you get found online, you can check out our complimentary e-book on building The 7 Essential Stages of a Total Online Presence.

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