Business Blogging to Build The Brand

business blogging
Think about using your business blog to build your brand.

Business blogging has proved itself as a useful tool for building business for several years now for a multitude of reasons.  Not only does it help to drive more traffic to your web site and assist with search engine optimization, it also helps to enhance and build the credibility and brand of a business.  It’s a very powerful tool for changing the way people think about your organization.

When we think about building a brand, there are four critical aspects that blogging that can enhance.

1. Authority.  The more a business delivers in terms of writing and speaking, the more it is recognized as a true authority in the industry.  A blog helps its readers get to know the organization personally and professionally.

Consistent delivery of content demonstrates commitment to your audience to provide them valuable and educational information.  As an authority in the industry, it’s your job to teach your prospects how to become better consumers of your industry.

2. Brand Building.  A blog allows your audience to get to know your business and the people within your business.  It’s an opportunity for you to deliver whatever other brand messages are important to your company.  Building a brand has to do with the messages your company delivers along with its actions and its interactions across its community.  Keep in mind that social connections can play a major role in helping to shape and deliver those messages throughout the business to business community.

3. Giving.   As mentioned above, a blog is about delivering valuable and educational information that is useful for your audience.  You want to be sure to give nuggets of information to help your audience solve their problem.  They’re looking for ways to make their life easier so offer that kind of information and they’ll return.

Some argue that you want to be careful not to give all your information away.  I’m a big believer in putting the information out there.  There are people who will take all that you have to offer for free, but those folks were never your ideal client in the first place because they didn’t have any intention of paying for what you have to offer anyway.  Be generous with your information.

4. Show off your network.  Ask other well-respected partners in your industry if they’d like to contribute content for use on your blog and see if there’s an opportunity for you to offer some valuable content to their audience.  The idea here is to put more information out there and link it back to your site and share across your social channels.  This is the kind of activity that will help expand your community and build the audience.

Blogging is a terrific way to build credibility and branding for any B2B organization.  With your blog, you have the opportunity to deliver the kinds of content that you think will establish know, like, and trust and eventually convert into buyers.  And it’s a tool where you can measure how effective your process is at delivering new leads.

Stay tuned for some future posts on building a strategy around your blog.

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