Can You Teach Your Business to Market Itself?

The best way to develop referrals in your business is to develop a referral mindset not only in yourself, but also in your staff, your strategic partners, and your customers.  As you put more focus on referrals, you’ll also see these people paying more attention and taking the notion up a notch to deliver. 

Gone are the days of heavy advertising and elaborate marketing campaigns.  Word-of-mouth referrals are driving small business marketing today.  People look for and trust the recommendation from a friend, colleague or even a potential stranger more than they’ll ever trust any kind of advertising.

And there are a multitude of practical techniques to channel the power of referrals to build a steady flow of new customers.  Keep those clients happy and they’ll refer your business to even more clients.   It’s a just a matter of putting those techniques into practice. 

Let’s take a simple one and start today.  To drive the message home in my business, I’ve designated Monday as the day.  Make every Monday Referral Monday.  Think about those you do business with and who you’d recommend to your world.  And stay tuned as each and every Monday will include details to help you develop referrals in your business.

Who will you refer today?

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