Content Creation: The Number 1 Thing Businesses Forget

Working on building content to drive traffic to your web site?  The biggest challenge with content creation is investing the time and effort to build the right content.  The right content is the information that your prospects or customers are looking for.  It’s the education they need to be better consumers of your industry.

In order to educate your audience, you need to build content that offers solutions to your audience’s biggest challenges.  In many cases, I see a lot of content from companies that bobs and weaves around the real challenges the audience is trying to solve, but never really gets it right.  Take some time to really dial-in on this to be sure you’re answering the questions that your prospects are really asking.

content creationOne way to test whether or not you understand the client’s problems well is to actually test your own understanding.  You could survey or interview your actual customers to ensure you’re on the right path.  You could confirm this by interviewing your current client base to confirm your suspicions or you could also put a survey out there.

For example, a content marketer with an accounting software company, might present a hypothesis this way:  “Our potential customers are struggling with low user adoption rates on their current accounting software.”  They are suggesting that creating more content around this topic will drive more members of their target audience into the sales funnel.

And don’t forget, part of the problem will be how you and your clients describe the issues vs. the terminology you use.  You will likely use industry jargon in your description and your clients are likely to use common, everyday language that anyone should understand.  Use this as a learning opportunity to help you improve not only your communication efforts but the potential for better search engine optimization with the content  you do create.  The bottom line–work at understanding and using the terms your audience uses when they ask questions and search online about your industry.

The best way to drive traffic to your site is to offer valuable and educational information to your audience.  Use content to teach them how to be better consumers of your industry.  That’s the kind of content that prospects search.  And when they find the kind of content that helps them solve their problems, it takes them down the continuum of know, like, and trust.

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