Content Development–Create Content That Delivers Leads

content developmentBecause the use of inbound marketing has become so popular, content development is always on the minds of marketers.  It’s what both people and search engines are looking for.  Content is what drives traffic to your site and helps your visitors get to know, like, and trust you.  It’s what turns prospects into leads.

But how do you create great content?  What are some of the characteristics of content that is capable of delivering prospects and converting them into real leads?  Here are three critical points that will help your content development process for delivering leads.

Educate and Offer Value

Company web sites are designed to provide information about products and services, but the reality is that not everyone is ready to buy when come upon your website.  In fact, research today indicates that people are 57% of the way through the buying cycle by the time they’re ready to talk to any vendors.  This is where content really matters.

Be sure to offer more than product content.  Your job as a marketer is to make your prospects better consumers of your industry, so provide content that does just that.  Teach them how to buy from you and your industry.  When you do this, they feel like they’re receiving valuable information and not just a sales pitch.

Use the words “you” and “we” in your content.  It helps to develop a better connection to your audience and makes your company sound human. And write your product content to show your prospects how you’re helping them solve their problems.

Quality Is Important

If you want your prospects to know how good you are at everything you do, it’s important to show them quality in your content as well.  It must be written well, easy to read and actually writeen for humans–not search engines.  Spelling and grammar are important as well.  Give you audience the respect they deserve and provide something that is well-written so you’re not wasting their time.

Avoid Industry-Speak

So many times I see content that is written for others who work in the industry, not those you are trying to sell to.  Be clear about what you offer and avoid industry jargon because often  your audience doesn’t understand those terms or know what they mean.  Very specifically communicate what it is that you offer and how that solves problems.

Business owners frequently tell me that they don’t want to put too much information out there, in fear that the reader will go ahead and do it themselves or take that information elsewhere.  I disagree.  Provide as much quality information as you can as this is the kind of information that will naturally take prospects down the path of know, like and trust.

Content is your opportunity to turn visitors into leads and leads into customers.  Your content should really be part of your conversion process.   Strategically planning your content will help you deliver results faster to your business.  You can find more information to help you strategically plan your content right here.

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