Content Marketing–5 Rules to Follow

Content marketing is a phrase that’s only recently been tossed around, and yet, it’s a technique that’s been used for years.  Even before the internet, we created content that helped us sell.  What’s different now is that with the internet, we prefer to do our research on our own.  We collect all this information simply because we can, without ever talking to anyone at the company.  And that’s why every business needs to be thinking about content marketing.

content marketing
Content is a foundational element of marketing.

The internet brings us the ability to market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so it’s wise to take advantage of that always on opportunity and keeping the system cranking with content.  But there are some rules you need to follow:

1. Content marketing is never promotional.

Content marketing is about exciting  and inspiring your prospects.  Promotional information will never excite nor inspire.  Your content should be about teaching your prospects how to be better consumers in your industry.

2. Content marketing helps to solve a problem.

Prospects are usually looking for answers to a problem so be sure to include information about solving a business problem or answering a question.  Show prospects how your information helped solve a problem because they will be enticed to check out your solution further if they have that same problem to solve.

3. Content marketing needs to be well-written and produced.

Regardless of the format your content takes, it needs to set the tone for what it might be like to work with your company.  First impressions are important.  If it’s written content, simply making sure it’s free of errors and is presented in a thoughtful manner helps to gain the respect of prospects.  No one has time to waste reading something that’s difficult to follow and wrought with errors.  Spend time on the design and production quality to make it welcoming for the skim-reader.

4. Content Marketing should provide proof.

Because you are writing to assist in accomplishing your business goals, your content may seem somewhat biased.  Including testimonials and comments from existing clients is important proof for prospects.  Proof can also take the shape of a case study that demonstrates actual results and outcomes for those that have used your products or services.

5. Your content must be relevant to your company.

Content marketing is intended to support your company’s business and its goals.  The content that you create should be relevant your business objectives so that you can also measure the effectiveness of the content that you crate.  Anything that we spend time and resources on should be part of our measurement activity as well so keep your business goals in mind to ensure that you’re watching your return on investment.

These are 5 simple rules to keep in mind as you invest in content marketing.  If you live by these rules, they’ll help to ensure that you’re providing quality content for both your audience and your organization.


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