Content Marketing–Privilege and Opportunity

It’s pretty common today to hear us marketing-types talk about building a content marketing plan and how every business should be looking at incorporating more content into their marketing efforts. After all, it’s the key to getting found and its content that you really need if you’re going to employ methods like inbound marketing and social media in your marketing plan.

Content can be very powerful, however, like most marketing concepts, it shouldn’t be the only tactic you’re employing if you’re serious about growing your business. But the reality is that employing the concept of content, as a marketing tool, isn’t new. It’s just because the devices have changed and the technology we can take advantage of today, has made content marketing seem like a new phenomenon.

content marketingNo doubt, some have decided to exploit content marketing–after all, it is a means of getting people to buy from us. Some use it as a means of coercion and convincing, but the best content marketers use it as an opportunity to educate and to build trust with their audience.

Having the opportunity to publish our content, whether it be in the form of articles or blog posts, really is a privilege and not a right. And if we abuse that privilege, our audience will surely let us know.

Like all good companies, we do have an agenda–to make more money. The key to effective marketing is to respect your audience and deliver them sound, relevant content. I always say you can conduct a little test with your content before you even put it out there. When you read through your content, check to see that it’s written in a manner that helps you develop trust. If it isn’t written that way, sit down and try again.

Your job as a marketer is to make your prospects better consumers of your industry and teach them how to shop. Treat your audience with the respect they deserve and you’ll get the respect you’re looking for.

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