Necessary Content Marketing Team Roles

Hand Drawing Content Flow ChartThere are a number of content marketing team roles that are necessary to deliver an effective content marketing strategy.  Content marketing is quickly becoming a way of life for marketers. And because it is now so prevalent, the execution of content marketing is becoming increasingly complicated. With all of these changes comes a need for change in how content marketing is executed, which dictates a number of new roles in the marketing organization. Here is a list of some positions that you may not have thought of that are, nevertheless, becoming essential for content marketing.

While you might not necessarily have a need for a full-time employee in each role, the bottom line is that there is a function to fulfill and your organization has to decide how it will get each function complete.

Chief Content Officer

Just like the title sounds, the Chief Content Officer is basically the head honcho when it comes to content marketing. The CCO is the one who will determine a mission statement of sorts for your company’s content marketing campaign and ensuring that the whole company is implementing said mission statement. The CCO will supervise all of the content marketing of the company, from PR to social media to email marketing, and make sure that the information being propagated is consistent and easily understood by the audience. Everyone working on content marketing will work with the CCO to give feedback and recommendations to guarantee the success of the content marketing campaign.

Managing Editor

The managing editor will complement the Chief Content Officer in his or her role, and basically be in charge of the execution. The CCO’s focus will be on strategy, and the Managing Editor will take care of all the details and make sure that the strategy is being followed and implemented. Some of the tasks of the Managing Editor will be editing (including helping with tone and style) and content scheduling.

Chief Listening Officer

Think of the Chief Listening Officer as the equivalent of air traffic control for your content channels in your content marketing campaign. The CLO is the one who listens to the audience (especially via social media) and either engages in conversation or alerts the appropriate person (in some cases this might be a sales team, customer service, etc.) to start a conversation with the audience, as needed. The CLO plays an essential role in always keeping the company responding to the needs of the community, audience, and clientele. The CLO will be in close contact with the CCO, who will modify the content marketing strategies accordingly.

Director of Audience

The Director of Audience is the person who is in charge of supervising the company’s audience and buyer personas, keeping them up to date. The Director of Audience will alert the rest of the content marketing team as to the characteristics and triggers of the audience, as well as the actions the company wants them to take. Any subscription-based content marketing (i.e. direct mailing lists, email opt-in subscriptions, social media followings) will likely be managed by the Director of Audience, who will continue to grow and segment these parts of content marketing.

Channel Master

Rather than writing content or monitoring the audience, the Channel Master will be in charge of maximizing usage of whatever channel through which content is headed. Some of the questions the Channel Master might ask are:

  • How frequently should we send out emails? What time? What day?
  • What kind of content works for SlideShare?
  • How much curated content is too much?
  • What needs to be done as far as mobile strategy?

Chief Technologist

Since we are still in the thick of the technology revolution, a Chief Technologist will be a necessary part of any content marketing team. The Chief Technologist will be in charge of utilizing the appropriate technologies in the content marketing campaign. He or she will always be up to date on the latest and greatest in technology as it pertains to content marketing, and will make changes to the company’s process as necessary. This may include areas such as marketing automation, use of freelancers, etc.

Influencer Relations

This is basically the equivalent of media relations in the content marketing arena. Some of the responsibilities of Influencer Relations will be developing and maintaining relationships with your field’s most important influencers, and effectively integrating them into the marketing process.

Freelancer and Agency Relations

With the constant evolution of content marketing, so will come the need for freelance workers and other external organizations. Your company will need to grow a network and team for this, and the person in charge of Freelancer and Agency Relations will be in charge of negotiating rates and responsibilities to seamlessly integrate outsiders into your company’s content marketing process.

Return-on-Objective Chief (ROO)

The ROO is one of the most important people on the content marketing team. This person will be in charge of constantly checking that there is a return on any objectives. They will also be in charge of communicating with the rest of the company as to why your company is devoting so much to content marketing.

These are some of the most necessary content marketing team roles to effective content marketing. Who knows what other positions may be essential as marketing evolves. If you need to continue your content marketing efforts and this sounds too complicated, we can help. Simply fill out the details on this form and we’ll do a complimentary marketing audit with you and see if we might be a good fit to work together.

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