How To Use Content Marketing To Build Know, Like and Trust

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Throughout this blog, I’ve talked about the value of content marketing and even suggested that your job as a marketer is to provide your prospects with a wealth of information that makes them better consumers in your industry.  And in order to do that, you have to provide them with the 5 types of essential content.

1. Content to build trust.  One of the best ways to check the value of your content is to do the trust check.  If the content you put out these isn’t helping you to build trust, you should probably re-think your approach to content.  There are really four types of content that can help you improve the trust factor.

  • How To Pieces–provide specific advice or tips
  • Reviews–customer review sites like Yelp or Google Places
  • Testimonials–endorsements from your delighted customers
  • Articles–those you’ve written or that mention your firm in outside publications

2. Content that educates.  Once a prospect has become aware of you and you start to build that trust, they will be looking for more information that helps them understand how you work and why you do what you do and the kind of solutions you offer.  The following are considered valuable pieces of content marketing:

  • White papers–avoid the technical stuff and pull the details together surrounding a larger topic
  • Newsletters–these are best served at regular intervals, weekly or monthly, to nurture their curiosity
  • Workshops or seminars–in person or virtual, they can learn as you engage

3. Customer-generated content.  Building content alongside your customers helps to build a certain sense of loyalty and gives you the opportunity to convey results.

  • Testimonials–these are terrific at allowing prospects to feel what it’s like to work with you
  • Video success stories–bring customers together to share their stories and network

4.  Other People’s Content.  Acting as a filter and curator of great industry related information will make your customers feel like you’re providing an even greater service by continuing to educate them.

  • Curate–collect and republish content from others
  • Republish, share–direct others to and share the best that is out there

5.  Content that converts.  The best content is able to call out to and convert prospects into buyers.

  • In-person events–live events present the best opportunity to use content to close
  • Case studies–provide proof of the success that you are able to deliver to clients

As you work to build up your content marketing or editorial calendar, be sure to include a mix of these five types of essential content to ensure that you’re providing the kind of content that will move you closer to your objectives.  We typically only think of content that educates, but as you can see there are plenty of other types of information that can be added to your content marketing to deliver results.

photo credit: latddotcom via photo pin cc

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