Content Marketing–5 Types of Content We Crave

In order to make your blog work for you, it’s important that you’re actually delivering useful and valuable content for your audience.  People don’t share average information, they share amazing information, so how do you ensure your content is amazing?

content marketing
Does your audience crave your content?

Think about the types of content you typically read.  What kinds of information are you drawn to and what are you really craving? Start with the information you can deliver that meets one of the 5 criteria below.

1. How we can save money.  Here’s a no-brainer.  We’re always interested in how we can save money, so look at your industry and show us how it helps us save money.  If you can demonstrate this via case studies and stories, readers will be able to identify how that solution could work for them.

2. Save time now and in the future.  No question that we love to hear how we can save time.  Because it’s the one thing that we all crave for more but has an absolute finite value.  Show your readers how to save time for other activities that can really make a difference in the lives of your readers.

3. Tips and tricks.  Providing a list of tips and tricks to help readers get the most value out of your industry make for great reading as well.  Tips can usually be arranged so that they can be read quickly to provide access to benefits with little investment.

4. David vs. Goliath content.  This type of content confirms what is possible and provides hope for readers.  Telling us about a situation in which the underdog overcomes the challenge from that obvious giant competitor gives readers the ammunition they need to charge on and can help them confirm the tools and process play key roles in the solution.

5. Content that takes you ‘back to basics’.  This is a staple for me in my industry.  No matter the industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the next bright shiny light and then we tend to stray from what we know and trust to work.  When you remind your readers of the back to basics messages or KISS (keep it simple silly) principles, you reinforce the tried and true.

As you’re working on developing content, remind yourself of why you’re writing that content in the first place.  In most every case, it’s to drive traffic and in order to do that, you have to provide content that prospects are actually looking for.

This certainly isn’t an exhaustive list, so I’d love to hear about the other types of content you use to drive traffic.  Leave your comments below.


  • Really great post! Funny how timely it is for me as I am constantly thinking and creating ideas for blogging. I have to remember that the content still needs to be relevant to my readers 🙂

  • Business owners always ask about frequency of posting. I think frequency is important, but quality is more important. Writing content that is useful and educational for them. I always say your job is to make your reader a better consumer of your industry. Thanks for the checking out the post McKenzi.

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