Content Rules Book Review – Do You Know the Rules?

Content Rules by Ann Handley (Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs) and C.C. Chapman (Founder of Digital Dads) is a true gem for organizations of all sizes.  We all know that valuable and educational content is the key to driving interaction and engagement but so few resources give us the key to creating this kind of content that gets results.

Do Something Unexpected

In the book, they go into detail on the various communication mediums that make for great content, but what I think is really most useful, are in fact, the content rules that they discuss.  I talk with a lot of business owners that loathe this part of their marketing system and it’s simply because they end up wasting time every week deciding what to write about.  Just the pure concept of embracing your role as a publisher makes the whole notion of creating content that much easier simply because it provides a much needed jolt to the confidence.  And then there’s the recommendation to play to your strengths.  What a novel concept and sound advice.  Too many sources continually try to convince us that we have to be generating content using every tool and every platform possible.

Content Rules does speak to everyone, including newbie and veteran content creators because it provides some opportunities for both parties to focus on the metrics that make sense.  And while the metrics are important, I think the suggestion to “speak human” is also invaluable as it’s really that kind of writing that evokes emotion, reaction and further engagement. And my particular favorite – do something unexpected.  This is the one that really gets results.  I lead a workshop the other day and stepped out on the limb on this one.  Have some fun with it – I know I take myself too seriously sometimes.

Content Rules is definitely a great resource I’ve passed on to many of my clients.  It’s a simple and motivating read to get you excited about creating content for your business.  So what kinds of things have you done to embrace that element of surprise?


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