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It’s Referral Monday and every Monday, I try to write about Referral Marketing.  The key to effective Referral Marketing is about deepening your networks.  With referral marketing, people often think solely about the size of their networks, but the depth of the relationships within your network is actually even more important.  People buy from people, people want to buy from people, and people buy from people they know, like and trust. 

Deeper, quality relationships.
Deeper, quality relationships.

Today’s post is about deepening the relationships in your network and there are a few key points to keep in mind as you work at this.

1.  Set aside 2 hours a week to build those deeper relationships.  Relationships take time and you need to be prepared to invest time.  Invest some quality time with some quality people. 

2.  Pick a small group of like-minded people that you think you can help build success with.  If you think on the same level, you have a much better chance of creating some valuable momentum together.

3.  Move your focus to thinking about how you can help them.  Think about how you can find opportunities for these people.  It’s not just about asking how you can help, but maybe you can think of and create new opportunities for these people.

4.  Touch base with these people at least once a week with some kind of valuable information that will help them grow.  Maybe it’s an article that you read or maybe you can introduce them to others that would benefit from an introduction.

5.  Keep track of what they’re doing, events they are going to or participating in.  At the events, introduce them to others. 

And then repeat and practice.  Follow the guidance listed above and watch your relationships grow deeper.  I’ve been focusing on this since the last two months and I’ve already seen some positive results. 

What else do you plan to do to create deeper relationships?

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