Do you Collect on Your Referral Opportunities?

It’s Referral Monday and as always, I’m writing about building your referral marketing program for your business.  The first part of building a referral marketing plan is actually deserving referrals and believing that you do.  Once you’re convinced that you deserve referrals, then you can actually work at executing the rest of your referral marketing plan.

Execution of the plan requires that you actually collect on the referral.  You built your plan, you communicated who your target market is, you set the expectation that you were going to ask for a referral, you delivered an exceptional experience to your client so the referral motivation is there, unfortunately, you never actually ask for it.

Referral Marketing Plan
Do You Collect on Your Referrals?

In order to have an effective Referral Marketing plan involving your customers, you have to actually collect on the referral.  The best time to ask for a referral is when your customer acknowledges a job well done.  The point here is for you to ensure that you have the processes set up in your business so you can collect feedback.  This should take the form of annual results reviews, project reviews, and satisfaction surveys and reintroduce the concept of referrals and remind your customers about your referral programs during these reviews.

While this is the perfect time to ensure that you’ve delivered as promised and getting referrals, it’s also an opportunity to fix anything that might have gone wrong.  Reviews like this also give you the occasion to think about continuous improvements to the experience you deliver.  Referral marketing is a process and you’ll want to be sure you’re taken yours full circle to collect your referral.

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