Does Your Social Media Routine Include Listening?

By now, we all know that Social Media can be a very powerful addition to our marketing plans.  But it’s not just about what you post.  If you’re using Social Media to market your business, part of your Social Media routine should include listening.  The internet gives us this incredible ability to listen to what is going on in the marketplace, and yet, it often gets overlooked. 

You know how your mother always told you have two ears and only one mouth, so you should be spending two-thirds of your time listening and only one-third of your time talking.  The same applies to Social Media.  Social Media tools have given us the ability to monitor what’s being said on-line, not only about us and our brands, but our company, our products, and our competitors.  We can easily find out information about local events, events on line, and various organizations that might be vital to our business. 

Most importantly though, we can listen to what our prospective clients have to say.  We can get a better understanding of their frustrations or the problems they are trying to solve.  This allows us then to create a better a product or service as the solution to solve their problem.   While Social Media affords us the opportunity to listen to the prospect first, you then have an opportunity to uncover a little more information about them because you can do some additional research on-line.  Knowing more about your prospect gives you a better chance of making a positive connection. 

But how do we listen on-line?  One of the easiest tools you can use to do this is Google Alerts.  Simply create an alert for whatever it is that you want to track.  Google Alerts will create you a list every day and send it to you via email or RSS. 

What other listening tools are you using to stay on top of your business and the competition?

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