Don’t Have Time To Market Your Business?

I frequently hear business owners claim that time is the number one thing that is preventing them from marketing their business.  And I totally understand this comment.  After all, as a business owner, you’re wearing every hat in the organization—you’re responsible for operations, finance, deliveries, sales, etc.  The only thing wrong with that excuse is that if you don’t have time to market your business, soon you may not have a business.  If you had an appointment with a potential client tomorrow, would you cancel that appointment?  Not likely, so why do you keep canceling your appointment to market your business?

Most business owners have created processes around most other internal activities like accounts receivable, product delivery, etc., so why not create a process for marketing?  I encourage my clients to create some routine around their marketing activities and document it.  Once you’ve done that, it makes marketing your business much more simplistic.  Here are some suggestions to help you keep your marketing appointment with yourself and build some process around growing your company. 

  • Create a monthly marketing theme and work around that theme for the whole month.  Maybe it’s a certain service that you’re focusing on that month or a certain segment of your business, but the idea is to completely focus on building that piece of the business that particular month.  If you’re a caterer, maybe you focus on corporate events one month.  Maybe it’s an internal theme that you don’t necessarily communicate to clients, like building referral partners or strategic partners, and you focus all your efforts, networking, etc., on that aspect of the business that month.
  • Weekly reviews are the best way to make sure that you stay on track.  You’ll need to be setting aside a specific time slot each week to actually work on your marketing plans.  Making a weekly appointment with yourself will you to track your progress against the master plan.
  • Daily appointments with your marketing plan are necessary to make any headway with the implementation.   Having a plan is the first step, but a plan is only as good as the execution. 

Be sure to schedule these activities on your calendar as though you are meeting with a client.  If you’re not scheduling time on your calendar for marketing your business, growth will never happen.  If you’re someone who has a lot of difficulty with accountability, you might think about hiring a coach or consultant to assist you in making things happen.

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